The Fernando Consultancy (Global) Group

Posted April 12, 2007 by Doctor Mark Fernando
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The Fernando Consultancy (Global) Group Inc. (USA) and The Fernando Consultancy (Global) Group Ltd. (EU) are also registered trade names in the United States of America, in European Community States and for other regions of the world.

The Fernando Consultancy (Global) Group conducts consultancy for The British Institute in America, its Policy Projects Group, The Biolaw International Diplomatic Policy Group and for The Bioethics Commission of Asia

Dr Mark Fernando is the Executive Director of
The British Institute in America Inc., and is a leading Consultant with The Fernando Consultancy (Global) Group.

The work of this project has been Officially Authorized and has Approved Status as an Official Commercial and Government Entity, from The United States of America, The United Kingdom and The European Community States.


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